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We work with Ottawa fine art photographers in both exclusive and non-exclusive agreements and on a short-term or long-term basis.  Our packages are designed to meet individual needs to get the most out of the marketing / photographer relationship.

the marketing & PR plan

Any serious photographer who wants to make money needs to reach their target market with a solid marketing & PR plan. At the foundation level, together we develop PR strategies with an actionable and comprehensive marketing plan that makes sense for your photography business. It will outline expected results in terms of new customers, sales and profits.

We’ll help you identify:

  1. who your target customers are;
  2. how you will reach them;
  3. how you will attract new customers as well as retain your customers so they repeatedly bring in new business for you.

Once the marketing and PR plan is in place, it will be the road map for you to follow on your own, or continue to work together in one of the following ways. Learn more about how we build your plan.

Choose from our support packages


Because most photographers are looking forward to their next great shot, with the storylinePRO package, we work behind the scenes on the plan we will have created together. As a longer-term strategy, we provide full project management support and representation from A to Z for fine-art photographers. This approach is our most popular option and favoured by photographers who would rather concentrate on their work while we stay keenly focused on the marketing & PR side of their business.

Longer-term strategy and full project management with storylinePRO includes:

  • category exclusivity
  • weekly one hour consultations
  • 100% plan support
  • minimum one year contract

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Some photographers are really good at certain aspects of their business & enjoy rolling up their sleeves and working alongside us. We love working in this style because it truly solidifies our partnership.  With storylinePR’s Semi-Pro package, we help fill in the gaps in your marketing & PR plan by jumping in where our expertise can be most useful on either a short-term and long-term basis. We’ll carve off a chunk of the marketing & PR that you’re comfortable doing, and storylinePR will take on the rest, whether that’s booking showings; reaching out to publishers; helping with social media; or any other marketing and PR function you would like to see us handle for you.

Long-term or short-term strategy with limited project management for storylinePR’s Semi-Pro package includes:

  • monthly one hour consultations
  • Limited plan support
  • minimum three month contract

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PR Lite

We also offer an hourly rate for those photographers who want us to manage specific projects from the marketing & PR plan we’ve developed together, but aren’t ready to dive in with a term contract & commitment.  Or perhaps you just want access our knowledge base on a consultative and hourly basis. It’s your chance to try us on for size. See if there is a mutual fit for those items in your existing plan that require our expertise.

  • hourly rate support
  • no term contract & commitment

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PR package comparison

The following chart outlines the detailed benefits of the various PR packages, (described above), available after we have built the marketing and PR plan.

The Marketing & PR Plan



PR Lite

min. 1 yr.  contract min. 3 mo. contract no term contract
category exclusivity no exclusivity

100% plan support 50% plan support

1 hr consultation weekly 1 hr consultation monthly

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