the greatest lesson I’ve learned in yoga class and in PR

I have had a renewed interest in Yoga and have been doing a lot of reading about the philosophy. The Iyengar method of Yoga is by far my favourite. It defines itself as different from other styles of Yoga by 3 key elements; namely technique, sequence and timing – all fundamentals that can be attributed to successful PR.

business_yogaYou see, Yoga is made up of a lot of practice, both physical and mental. This can be broken down into two major categories: The first is the repeated performance of exercises or techniques that are intended to produce a positive state of mind, not unlike PR. The second is the practice of letting go of old behavior patterns, habits or attachments that hold us back. When I think of the similarities, I realized that I apply these principals beyond the yoga mat – helping clients get back to the basics and providing focus and clarity by crystallizing what we want target audience to hear and remember. Focus is the key to making improvements with yoga. In PR, with focus comes control and power.

However simple a yogic approach may be, it requires a huge commitment that calls for thoughtful and mindful practice. In order to engage Yoga properly (and PR successfully), one must pay attention to the ideas behind its practical disciplines and to the exercises and techniques encompassing its theories. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in yoga class and in PR is that the transformation is a journey, and not a destination.

With Iyengar yoga, it is said a student ought to be a follower of truth in thought, speech and action. Shouldn’t the same be said about a student of public relations? I have been practicing PR for over ten years and yoga for less than one, but I feel as if I will always be a perpetual student of both.