the power of WAHM!

I’m amazed at how many work at home moms, (WAHM’s), are blogging.  I came across a blog where a work at home mom discusses social media and networking called Social Media MomIt lists “the best in Mom networking sites”.   Another resource is The Ultimate Mommy Blog List which outlines several blogs with inspirational posts about daily musings from work at home moms.


It is evident that with the plethora of WAHM blogs, moms are making an impact on the internet.  Australian blogger Darren Rowse wrote a post exploring the rise of Mom Blogs It outlines the five reasons why mom blogs are the blogs to watch.


I am equally surprised at how many have yet to catch on to social media. Blogging is a great way to network, gain perspective and enjoy / participate in a loyal following by connecting with like minded individuals.  In the case of WAHM’s and my personal experience, I believe it’s the best way to stay connected, learn and grow both personally and as an entrepreneur.  Moms in Business is a wonderful blog that the dives into this social media phenomenon behind WHAM and includes business ideas, inspiration and success stories about moms in business.


Personally, I am thrilled to be a contributor to my communities. I find it very rewarding as it gives me a chance to gain and provide important benefits from exchanges of perspective.