Women in Photography

If you’re a) a woman; b) an amateur or professional photographer; and c) looking to make connections on LinkedIn; you may want to consider joining the LinkedIn group “Women in Photography”.

Managed by Gittel Price, this group is for women around the world to network for sharing ideas, accomplishments and opportunities in photography and is almost 70,000 members strong. The focus is to facilitate celebrating women photographers, women in the field of photography their work and art.

Gittel also runs interesting & fun Instagram projects to challenge your creativity. This month, the theme is “red”.

To participate, you simply email her your photo of the theme and any comments you want her to add to the photo on Instagram. She posts 12 photos a day on the Women in Photography Instagram account in the order she receives them. The photos are also get posted on the on Women in Photography board on Pinterest and the Facebook accounts.

A great way to gain exposure, get connected & learn from one another. #womeninphotography