balancing act

After listening to my rant on balancing work, home and motherhood, my husband came home one night with a very sweet gesture – a magazine he picked up from Chapters called The Mompreneur.  Its content is dedicated to women who are balancing the role of motherhood with being an entrepreneur. There is also a great networking newsgroup that I have found very useful.


A very inspirational story… Kathryn Bechthold, a mom who, like many moms, decided that a regular 9 to 5 job would no longer work for her or her family. Although a 9 to 5 job was not in the cards, a second income had to be.  Having been an entrepreneur her entire life, she realized how hard it would be to maintain a new business, with a new family, without some support.  A group on facebook – Mompreneur Networking Group Inc. provides information, education and inspiration to moms who either wanted to start a business or to develop theirs further.  


As a mother, an entrepreneur and a big believer in networking – I thought I would share this information with other entrepreneurial moms out there in hopes that you find its content as relevant and engaging as I do.