interview quick tips – part 3 – the right tips

Say it with pictures – television interviews

  • Deadlines are usually morning, noon and afternoon.
  • Brief stories – 60 or 90 seconds, with 20-second soundbites.
  • Strong visuals are key to TV news. Show people doing things and have interesting things going on in the background.
  • Interviews are usually taped on location and then edited (rarely live).
  • Talk with the reporter and ignore the camera.
  • Viewers are both watching and listening to your interview so pay attention to your body language.


TV interviews – the right tips:

  • Dress right: blue / gray best, avoid bright colours or stripes
  •  Sit right: straight in the chair, lean slightly forward
  • Stand right: straight with your feet shoulder width apart, one foot slightly ahead of the other, don’t rock
  • Move right: talk with your head, shoulders, hands, use gestures to reinforce your key points
  • Emote right: expression should match what you’re saying
  • Look right: look the reporter, not the camera
  • Talk right: short, simple and lead with your strongest messages, assume the microphone is always on
  • Leave right: no heavy sighs of relief, grimaces or bolting for the door.