interview quick tips – part 4

Can we talk? TV and radio talk shows

A great opportunity to raise your profile, talk shows are always looking for dynamic guests who are informative and entertaining and can keep audiences tuned in.

3 talk show formats (you’ll know ahead of time which one you’re doing):

  1. You’re it. You’re the only guest talking with the show’s host. If it’s a good news story, you’ll be on the same page. If you’re talking about an issue, you may be taking opposite sides and debating.
  2. You’re part of a panel with other guests who will likely have different points of view. The host will play moderator and provoke debate if there’s a lull.
  3. You’re taking calls from listeners and viewers.

Talk shows are usually broadcast live to air.  Think of a talk show appearance as a conversation rather than a sermon. Everyone likes to eavesdrop on a conversation. No one likes to be lectured to.

If you get into a debate….always take the moral high ground and stay on the right side of an issue. Calmly state your key points and back them up with facts. Don’t respond to hostility, don’t get flustered and don’t take any of it personally.