creating a brand behind the story

Telling a story is an important element of any news content you are looking to share. But what about your brand behind your story?  Marketers often focus more on the elements of the story they are trying to tell rather than concentrating on the image they are trying to provoke in their consumers mind. To establish credibility with your target audience, your story needs to provide a richer context to your brand by connecting to consumers with emotion and relevance.  Your brand has a direct connection.

I don’t know about you, but after I hear a news story and think of the company behind it, it’s the image of the company logo that always pops up in my mind. If I say “OJ Simpson and car rental”, what do you think of? What image comes to mind with words “iPhone” or “Steve Jobs”? What about “hand held device outage”? It’s often the company logo that will be associated with the story that is long remembered. We asked brand identity expert, Loreto Cheyne of Lola Design some fundamental questions about creating a brand behind the story… Here’s what she had to say.   

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