in the spirit of friendship

With less than two weeks until my little one’s 4th birthday party, I have given “the committee” their assignments.  With 14 kids confirmed, I have organized this event like a production, complete with volunteers with job duties, (my hubby now refers to me as “the Andrew Lloyd Webber” of kids birthday parties).   It’s been a lot of fun organizing and pulling it all together and I have been consumed with all the last minute details.  One of those details is getting the personalized kids stories produced. 


This year, I decided to steer away from the loot bag concept and wanted to come up with something that was unique and a keepsake for not only Madeline, but also for her little friends.  Knowing how the day would unfold, I created a little story about how Madeline was having difficulty containing her excitement about her party and all the friends she had invited.  Personalized specifically for each of her friends, I included the days events that I have orchestrated in advance, and end the story with how Madeline values the unique friendship she has made in each of them.


Madeline has seen the books with the names of her friends on the cover of each one and is more excited about handing them out at her party than the details of the party itself!  I loved creating this story.  (And yes, I am using it as shameless self promotion to parents for Storyline for Kids – as I will definitely be adding this one to the menu of available themes). But for Madeline, not only does the story provide wholesome messaging that I hope she will treasure, but teaches her that giving is just as important as receiving and exemplifies the true spirit of friendship.