celebrating mom

I recently submitted an article to The Mompreneur magazine who was requesting articles on mother and daughter relationships for its Mother’s Day edition.  I was thrilled to pick up the May issue to find my article published.  The sentiment means more to me than just my words in print.  It means that I had the opportunity to share my “mom inspired” experiences with thousands of mompreneurs out there. I thought I would take this opportunity to share the article with you… in the spirit in which it was intended… celebrating my mom and mothers everywhere that are experiencing the dual roles of entrepreneurship and motherhood.


Celebrating Mom

My mother comes from a long line of entrepreneurial-spirited women.  I’m beginning to believe that in our family, it’s not a skill that is learned, but rather ingrained since birth. This is a trait that I have grown to love about our bond and it seems the torch just gets passed on instinctively. Since I was little, I witnessed my mother organizing, scheduling and crafting.  She has been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember with creative designs that she would “take to market”.   I remember her helping me organize lemonade stands at the end of our driveway, creating a haunted house in our garage where we charged the neighborhood kids admission to attend, and even selling perfume to the ladies as they walked home from the bus stop at the end of our street after work.  No matter how bizarre my ideas were as a kid, my mom was always supportive and encouraged me to experiment with new ideas and concepts.


Through these types of experiences, she taught me that everything we do in life is an opportunity for learning and growing and that every experiment, whether a success or failure, was very much like falling off your bike.  With practice, you will get better.  You simply got up, dusted yourself off, and started all over again.  My mother taught me resolve.  How to pick up the pieces and tactfully put them back together again – with composure and poise.  She taught me that no matter how tough things may seem, that success only comes with hard work, dedication and that fire that burns instinctively in our entrepreneurial soul.  As I got older, I have affectionately nicknamed her “the concrete marshmallow”– hard and tough on the outside, but soft and caring on the inside.  These lessons were always taught with love, compassion and understanding.


Watching my mother and learning from her over the years, I too have kept the entrepreneurial flame burning with a thriving and rewarding public relations company.  This entrepreneurial torch is something I hope to pass on to my daughter, which will undoubtedly be inherent in her spirit.