8 steps to developing your story

When developing your communications strategy, you should itemize your requirements for media coverage. This should be more than just a statement within your plan… “to create media awareness”. The media outline organizes the process for selecting the appropriate message to accompany the communication strategy.

You must first start with media outline as a base for potential story ideas. The media outline consists of eight steps…

  1. Clarify the communications outcome
  2. Identify the target audience
  3. Identify the audience needs/ concerns/ interests
  4. Choose a message
  5. Choose the communication channel
  6. Select a spokesperson (if not yourself)
  7. Package the message to raise audience needs/ concerns/ interests
  8. Communicate the message

The media outline is an important step in the communications strategy.  It is the framework of motivational principals and should be a base for any broadcast to the media. Once the media outline is determined, it is time to turn to the development of the message with an effective news release to garnish media attention.