interview quick tips – part 1

Thanks all for your feedback on what you are interested in learning more about – because inquiring minds want know… here is part one of a series of interview quick tips by media type.  Let’s start with print.


Getting it in print: newspapers

  • Deadlines are usually same day, with reporters writing their stories by mid-afternoon and filing by 5 – 6 p.m.
  • Most of the stories we tell will wind up in print – newspapers have the biggest “news hole” to fill.
  • Talking with newspaper reporters is a good place to start if you want to build up your confidence – there are no microphones or cameras.
  • Interviews will be done in person or by phone if the reporter is too busy to leave the newsroom.
  • Always agree to have your picture taken – everyone looks at photos. Not everyone reads stories.
  • Your interview may only be used to provide background – don’t be disappointed.
  • Stories are generally written at a Grade 6-8 reading level so talk at that level too.
  • Editors – not reporters – write headlines.
  • Reporters may call back with more questions or to follow-up on a point you made in your earlier conversation. Please call them back!