Make the ordinary – extraordinary

How do you become a better photographer? A better marketer? A better entrepreneur?  By challenging yourself, as with anything in life. If you want to become a better at __________, you have to step out of your comfort zone.

You know the kind of shots you’re known for. What part of the marketing side of the business you’re most comfortable with. Then there’s the other ‘stuff’. The stuff that you put off because, well… you’re mediocre at it. Be it the end product or the process of getting to the end product. You know you can and want to improve upon it. Yet, we continue to focus on the stuff we’re good at. It’s human nature. It’s safe. So, how do we get better?  The best advice I was ever given by a friend and mentor was this…

Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.

So every Friday, I challenge myself to take something I’m good at & make it better. Make it extraordinary.

At storylinePR, we provide a couple of options to help Ottawa fine art photographers become extraordinary. Some photographers are really good at certain aspects of their business & enjoy rolling up their sleeves and working alongside us. We love working in this style because it truly solidifies our partnership. Our our most popular option is our full project management services, favoured most by busy Ottawa photographers who would rather concentrate on their work, while we stay keenly focused on the marketing & PR side of their business.,

I invite you to share your personal challenge with us here. What have you done differently to improve the way you work? What did you take ordinary and make extraordinary this week. last month, last year?  #makeitextraordinary.

About the Author
Deanna White is owner and publicist for storylinePR, exclusive PR firm & marketing agent to Ottawa’s most talented fine art photographers.

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