storyline t.i.p.p.s

Building credibility with the media is as important as creating it for your company, and when it comes to the pitch, one rarely exists without the other. Working with the media should be a planned, well-supported and carefully executed effort.   When pitching a story to the media, you will need to make sure its relevant.  In other words, ensure that the content appeals to editors and reporters, and more importantly, their audience.  Here are some storyline tipps, (no – that’s not a typo), that will curb the urge for a reporter or editor to file your release under “g”:image of fist crushing paper

Timeliness (what’s happening now or about to happen?)
Interest – (is there a human interest component?)
Prominence (anyone familiar involved?)
Proximity (what’s the local angle?)
Significance (what’s this mean for the community?)

When you develop a clear, concise and compelling pitch that best reflects the above t.i.p.p.s and focuses on what is truly considered “news”,  you will have a better chance of getting your story print, on air and on the web.