Turn your competition into silent partners.

sled dogs on leash
“If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes!”

It really used to burn my butt when I saw my content ideas used by others. But now, I view it as a compliment.

When I’ve seen my concepts being utilized, sometimes right down to word-for-word web copy, I used to think… “Those @?^#!” – but now I just smile to myself with the comfort of knowing my concept was so well received that others felt the need to use it. I take even greater comfort in the caliber of the people using it. After all “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” as they say.

And here’s another quote… “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” I don’t consider these companies my enemy, but rather my silent partners – because by watching what they’re up to helps me evolve my products and services to better serve my clients.

When my latest concepts have been utilized by my ‘silent partners‘, it’s a signal to me that’s it’s time to step up my game. Here a few of the ways I keep my eyes open and stay one step ahead of the competition:

  • Twitter lists
  • Keyword and back link monitoring
  • Alerts
  • RSS feeds

I don’t obsess over it, but using tools such as these keeps me aware of whats going on in my own backyard. Do you monitor your competition?  If you do – what tools do you use? If you don’t, you should… it’s always a good PR strategy. If you understand what your competition is doing, you’ll be on top of your game.

Here’s one final thought I’ll leave you with… The view is always better when you’re the lead dog!

About the Author Deanna White has always been passionate about marketing and public relations. Owner of storylinePR, Deanna is best known for taking it beyond the pitch. For building brands & bottom lines with the right channels to share your story. http://www.storylinepr.ca.