top 5 things we love about working and playing in Ottawa, Canada’s Capital

1. Quality of life.

Ottawa ranked 14th on the overall quality of living ranking, (2nd in North America). Mercer Human Resources Consulting 2010 worldwide survey.

2. We can breathe in and out.

Forbes Magazine rated Otawa as the 4th cleanest city out of 300 major cities of the world.

3. Becoming one with nature.

Ottawa is one of the greenest capitals in the world with Gatineau Park, (361 square kilometres of awesome green space), practically in our
back yard.

4. We feel like tourists every day!

Ottawa hosts more than 35 major festivals per year and has the highest concentration of museums of any region in Canada.

5. Ohm…..

There’s nothing more relaxing than a drive or stroll along the Rideau Canal to wind down after a long day-  which transforms into the world’s largest skating rink each year.

The -40° temperature in winter? (Not so much!) 
Happy Canada Day!