Ottawa Photo Location Hot Spot Maps

There are many lists available on the internet of the best places to take photos in Ottawa, but generally, they are the popular locations. Really, how many angles can you take of the parliament buildings? This list identifies some of the hidden treasures and some of not-so-well-known spots for that next great shot in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Ottawa-Gatineau Photographic Hot Spots is probably the most popular and contributed map for photographers to find that next great shot

Best Views Near Ottawa for Photos map breaks out the locations by category

The Birding Hot Spots map is, well, self-explanatory and a great resource for nature photographers

The Must Photograph list on reddit has some interesting contributions.

We’re looking to our photographer community help us build on this list. If you know of a map online that is your go-to, contact us via social media, by phone or by email listed to the right. We’ll add it to the list.