what station are you tuned into?

Through PR, we paint the big picture related to a product, service or issue at hand.   Effective media relations can raise awareness, increase understanding, build support and encourage involvement, secure commitment among the community, among others.  But before pitching a story, you should understand which station to tune into.j0316383

Every individual or organization looking to bolster their community presence should be tuned into WIFM.   Focusing on the rationale behind What’s In It For Me will set the tone. Are you looking to be recognized and respected with the general public? Gain community support? Create a higher profile? Know what your media objective is upfront before engaging in any PR activity. 

Every reporter and editor is tuned in to WSIC.  Translation – Why Should I Care.  Think about why a reporter should do a story on you or your business.  Why should the media outlets readers, listeners and/or viewers care? The more compelling your answer to WSIC is, the better your chances of getting good media coverage for our story ideas.

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