tips on how to keep things Pinteresting for business

Pinterest is a great visual medium, an effective touch point for influencers, a valuable information aggregator and a perfect platform for sharing.  It’s more than just a crafters haven, (although we love it for that and always find fun & interesting projects), it’s also a great marketing tool for business. We admit, we struggled with it at first, but after we realized its potential we got inspired to become creative.

Pinterest has a heavy lifestyle focus, so what better opportunity exists than to give people a peek into how your company contributes to theirs? 

Here’s how it gets interesting.
How many times have you received a notification by email like this first image? 

It’s Pinterests’ way of letting you know that there is activity on their site that might be of interest to you because you follow someone on twitter. 

Image of Twitter friend email notificationYou only get these announcements if you connect your social media communities (like twitter) to Pinterest. Some users choose not to do so, but if you don’t, you’re missing out on opportunity.

Here’s why…

By connecting your twitter account (or Facebook page) to Pinterest in settings, you’re allowing Pinterest to notify of you with updates to stay abreast of those you enjoy following on other social network sites as they join.  Why is this important? It creates engagement across multiple platforms, and increases your own online presence.

When we received this notification by email, we clicked the red ‘see profile’ button to see what they were sharing on Pinterest.  It turns out they just opened the account and have yet to create any boards.  Here’s what we did next.  We officially welcomed them by sending the following tweet. 

Image of welcoming to Pinterest tweet

Why? It lets them know we are engaged and care about content they’re sharing.  Think about it. If those you follow on twitter are sharing relevant content, imagine what you are missing out on that they’re sharing on Pinterest!       

What about re-pins?
How many of these email notifications have you received about the content you post on your own Pinterest boards?

Image of email notification of re-pins on Pinterest
Did you do something about it?  Did you bother to check out their boards where they re-pinned your content? Chances are – if they found your content interesting – you’ll have something in common and find their boards equality as engaging – so you might want to return the favour if you find something you particularly liked. We recommend you take it one step further. How about thanking them for re-pinning your content? 

After visiting this Pinterest user’s profile in this notification, not only did we find a few pins we liked and boards to follow, but went to their twitter account to send them this tweet…   

Image of tweet thanking Pinterest follower

(click to increase image size)

Why to go to all this trouble?  Because social media is about content sharing. It’s about building relationships and engagement and for businesses – it’s about building your brand and ultimately your bottom line.  Here’s what happened next…

Image of twitter reply

Image of Pinterest board following

See how this works? It’s kinda like that Faberge Organics Shampoo commercial from the 80’s. You remember the one…  where “they tell two friends and they’ll tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on.”

Succeeding on Pinterest for business is about finding how your products or services fit into the lifestyles of your target audience in creative ways while telling your brand story.  Your  pins are not only a subtle reminder of the services you offer, but they will also help with SEO when you provide links in the description of your pins back to appropriate pages on your website. Pinterest also supports the use of hashtags just like Twitter and Google+, making pinning search-friendly. So the next time you are running a promotion, why not create a pinboard around it? By tagging it with the same hashtags you’re also using on Twitter and Google+ you create searchable content in an integrated, social media campaign.

Oh, and one more thing.  Why not check out our Pinterest boards?  If there’s something that interests you, share the wealth with a ‘like’ or ‘re-pin’ 🙂

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