thinking outside the QR box

If you are one of 20.1 million Canadian mobile device owners, you’ll likely heard of QR codes. If you are a business owner or in the communications field, you are likely using them.  That’s smart, because according to comSCORE, Canadians scanned 1.3 million QR Codes in June 2011 with Ontario leading the way at 48% of all QR Codes scanned. 

One of the most creative uses I’ve come across from a PR perspective is reflected in the following campaign to raise money for a  homeless charity.

image of use of QR code for homeless PR campaign

To increase awareness, QR codes were printed on cardboard with branding and positioned amongst blankets and belongings to replicate the outdoor dwellings of homeless people. These were staged at various points in a major city in the UK and once scanned, the smartphone user was taken to a ‘giving page’ to donate money directly to the charity. Brilliant, I say. They knew exactly what kind of appeal would resonate with the public and used creative marketing tactics along with a QR code in a very effective PR campaign.

When developing your next PR campaign, think outside the QR box by going back to the basics of your communication objectives and think about the fundamental call to action you want consumers to take.  Make an impact from the first scan to ensure that your audience will keep scanning in the future. After all, it’s marketing that attracts new customers, it’s PR that keeps them coming back.

So, how far will you venture outside the QR box for your next PR campaign? What creative marketing elements will you incorporate to engage, create awareness and brand loyalty?  We invite you to visit the social side of storylinePR by following our creative use of QR codes board on Pinterest, where we post unique ones we come across.

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