the gift

With the arrival of spring and all the joys it brings with it, I reflect on this past winter season.  My daughter really “got” Christmas this year.  It meant more to her than simply ripping paper and glittery bows off boxes – only to toss them aside to move on to the next one – perfectly oblivious to the unveiled toy I searched for in three different malls in the middle of a snow storm.  She gets the whole, “Santa coming down the chimney” and “good girls and lists”… and believe me – I use it to my advantage all year long while I can.


She was so engrossed in the magic of Christmas last year, that Madeline has decided that this year, she was going to visit the north pole and talked about  it relentlessly every night, long after the jolly old soul had come and gone.  So each night as we got all tucked into bed, we would talk about what Santa’s workshop would look like and what she would do once she got there… and that’s exactly how our dreamy adventure with Santa began.  With the help of my sleepy little editor, it evolved into a wonderful story.   Madeline enjoys an adventure with Santa where she visits the North Pole with her friends to see how Santa and Mrs. Claus get ready for Christmas.  In the story, Madeline and her friends meet the reindeer, share cookies with elves, ride in Santa’s sleigh and get a sneak peek at their names on Santa’s “nice” list. 


Originally crafted for Madeline, I have added this story to the growing list of Storyline for kids books for other parents to experience with their own children and also crafted a fun, personalized letter from Santa with optional messaging.  I’m looking forward to seeing Madeline’s eyes light up when she receives her letter from Santa “in the mail” this year. 


I know… I know… spring has just sprung and here I am preparing for next Christmas.  Believe me – I can do without the snow, (that just melted completely from our backyard last week, I might add).  Being a mom and having the opportunity to share these experiences with her is like being a kid a Christmas myself.  I feel so incredibly blessed.  Crafting each story together is like unwrapping a new gift everyday.  I never know how the storyline will evolve with her little imagination at work or how it is going to end, but I can be sure that the final “package” is something we will both treasure for a long, long time.


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