That next great shot.

I’m pleasantly overwhelmed by the level of support and positive feedback from friends, clients and colleagues since the new re-brand, like these ones. As any entrepreneur will agree, it’s little thoughtful notes like these that are not only re-assuring but also super motivating.

“Sounds very exciting – and to be able to do what you do so well, in a field you have passion for, sounds perfect.”

“Congratulations on the new shift to your business. I hope it all goes well… I know the driven woman you are – you will make it happen.”

I’ve also received and number of inquiries from some amazing photographers. I’ve been asked many questions, but the most frequently asked question is…

‘How do I work with you?’

It’s a great question and a bit of a complex one because it really depends on how you’re looking to move forward with your photography business.

At the foundation level, together we develop a plan that makes sense for your business. Any serious photographer who wants to make money needs to reach their target market with a solid marketing & PR plan.

We work with photographers in both exclusive and non-exclusive agreements but from a day-to-day perspective, there are a couple of ways to get the most out of our marketing agent / photographer partnership:

PR Assistant

Some photographers enjoy rolling up their sleeves and working alongside us on different aspects of their business. We help fill in the gaps in your marketing & PR plan. We’ll carve off a chunk of the marketing that you’re comfortable doing and storylinePR will take on the rest, whether that’s booking showings, reaching out to publishers or helping with social media. We jump in where our expertise can be most useful on either a short-term and long-term basis.

Full Project Management

Because most photographers are looking forward to their next great shot, we work behind the scenes on the plan we will have created together. As a longer-term strategy, we provide full project management support and representation for fine-art photographers who would rather concentrate on their work while we stay keenly focused on the marketing & PR side of their business. This is our favourite approach and the one most photographers enjoy.

We choose who we work with very seriously. To work with us, please send an artist statement and links to recent work to

We also suggest that you connect with us on social media, (to the right), and sign up for our newsletter where we post the most recent requests for talent.


About the Author
Deanna White is owner and publicist for storylinePR, exclusive PR firm & marketing agent to Ottawa’s most talented fine art photographers. Learn more and connect at

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