Telling stories with video

An interesting conversation was sparked on Facebook by a few of our newsletter subscribers about business videos.  The gist of the conversation was about structuring good video.

We believe it all comes down to storytelling. Great communication is about telling stories well. Some of the largest and savviest organizations are using “stories” as a core foundation of their marketing efforts and are discovering that storytelling with video is very powerful in the world PR.

A Classic Story
Here is an example of storytelling in its truest form, created by Chevy. In this 5 minute long video, a son (as a kid) witnessed his dad give up his old classic when things got financially difficult for the family to manage. 

Hearing the countless stories about the memories and how much that car meant to his father, his son decided to track it down as a surprise to him.  He followed the VIN number online and tracked it down through multiple owners  across several states over the next five years, always one step behind its’ last known location.  Short of hiring a private detective, he finally found it for sale in Montreal, QC and bought it back for his dad.

This video was created and shot by Chevy, who convinced the father that they were filming a documentary on three generations of an American family. Little did he know, they were actually filming the return of his beloved Chevy. 



What Chevy created next was really smart. They debuted the following 30-sec commercial, editing the longer version of the story and posted both to YouTube called “True Stories”.

We’re not car enthusiasts by any stretch of the imagination – but we sure love a good story and this is one that struck a chord.

What we liked about this video is that it they told their story depicting the people and tradition behind the brand. Like all stories, it has a beginning, a middle and an end. It’s emotional, heartwarming and compelling  to watch. 

“From Fathers to Sons… Chevy Runs Deep.”



There is no doubt that Chevy has deep pockets to orchestrate this production, but creating a compelling story for your business with video does not take thousands of dollars.  It just takes a little creativity, a good story and solid planning. Next weeks’ edition of ePRnews is all about business videos and we’ll be providing some tips on how to create yours. Thanks @heathertwins and @DrAlanViau for the inspiration!

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