standing out from the crowd and thinking outside the PR box.

[tweetmeme source=”storylinePR” only_single=false]Recently while surfing PR related blogs, I came across the following online resume from recent graduate,  Najja Howard, that struck me…  It started with the title “Why You Shouldn’t Hire Me”… and the rest that followed was this:

“Let me just start by saying, I am not your average practitioner. I acquire several traits, personally and professionally that may classify me as a “risk” or “hazard” to the status quo.  For example:

  1. I  Am A Critical Thinker (I challenge ideas constantly)
  2. I Don’t Practice “One Size Fits All” PR
  3. I  Respect and Honor the Power of Words and Relationships
  4. I Refuse to Set Creative Boundaries
  5. I Encourage the Open Exchange of Ideas
  6. I Truly Believe that Social Media Is the Best thing Since Sliced Bread (and I tell clients that everyday)
  7. I  Easily Adapt To Situations That Are Beyond My Control (what economic downturn?)

If your company has zero interest in someone with these traits, but instead  is looking for a candidate  who is meek, bland, “yes” men and women, unchallenged ,uninspired and unmotivated- Please don’t hire me! However if you are looking for someone with these traits and so much more then please continue reading…”

It compelled me to read on because when I was fresh out of school,  I deployed a similar tactic to stand out from the crowd, (sadly, before the days of the internet as commonplace for business and where facebook,  twitter and other social media venues where pipe dreams).  Mine was paper based and consisted of a folder that I had a professionally printed, (remember those)?  On the front – I had printed, “I’ve worked very hard to reach you” and on the inside flap – “But I’ll work even harder once your reach me” with my resume neatly tucked into the inside pocket.  It helped me stand out from the crowd with a president who appreciated my creativity and I was fortunate to secure my first job with a big brand company.

In PR, we all need to start thinking out of the box. Recent graduates have the edge by entering the world of PR already thinking outside of the box with a good grounding in social media.  Like those who are entering the job market, companies are continually looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and in order to do so, are integrating social media into their communications strategy.  A colleague recently asked me if they should start considering social media in their PR strategy and my answer was an emphatic, “YES!” As this astute graduate pointed out,  “status quo” is no longer an option.  As the technological evolution continues to advance, we all need to step up our game, think outside of the box and be part of the conversation.

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1 thought on “standing out from the crowd and thinking outside the PR box.

  1. Deanna,

    Like how you & Najja both did something with meaning, not just gag-value (there’s a hairsbreadth between those two, but it’s an important distinction). I too had some out-of-the-ordinary ways of grabbing the attention of hiring bosses. When you strip off the economic incentives, these are all just forms of communication; which everyone needs to get good at.

    Even if ideas like these don’t achieve their immediate goal, they help us learn better communication. That’s certainly an ability we can all hone.

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