read, watch and follow.

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Media, journalists, and publishers are leveraging social media such as facebook and twitter to distribute news content and engage their communities.  In the past, it was important to read a vast array of newspapers and magazines, to watch the major television outlets, and listen to local radio news programs in order to keep track of the amount of news coverage about the issues your organization is promoting.
The same is true today, but it can now be done online from social media platforms giving “read, watch and follow” a whole new meaning. There are very few media outlets who don’t use social media and some use it more effectively than others. From a PR perspective, the best advice I can give is this…
  • Read the tweets and facebook updates from media outlets.
  • Watch the conversations being created around the news that is being reported.  Become a fan of the media outlets facebook page and follow their twitter feeds. Be an observer.
  • Follow the source of the news. Find the names of the journalists who cover your specific topic and search for articles by those journalists and start following them on twitter. Their twitter profiles usually indicate the topics they cover… for example:

image of twitter profileimage of twitter profile

I have created a list of Ottawa-based media outlets on both twitter and facebook.  If you would like to add to the list of media outlets or want to report a broken link, please do so by leaving a comment.

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  1. Amazing! What a great thing to publish! =D

    Also, I agree it’s becoming easier to track journalists through the web. Makes it easier to compile media lists in general.

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