PR that hits home (run)

I see many posts from industry bloggers on “PR gone wrong”, but rarely do I see examples of PR campaigns that are well executed. I thought I would share this one that hit the ball out of the park to demonstrate the various elements that contributed to making it such a great campaign.
It’s the Workopolis “Go To Work Without Leaving Home on June 1: Unofficial Work From Home Day.”  The campaign boasted greater productivity and inclusion opportunities for employers, and a better work life balance for employees. They enlisted the help of a credible statistics and sources with facts and figures to get their point across, (which the media loves to back a story – by the way), and provided eco-friendly benefits that the public could really get behind, even getting the attention of Parliament.  Workopolis put it in perspective for working Canadians stating that “If Canadians worked from home one day a year…”

  • Five million KG of CO2 could be saved,(the equivalent of planting 10 million trees);
  • Nearly 2 million litres of fuel could be saved, (the equivalent of fuel for a mission to the moon); 
  • Enough energy would be saved to power homes in a major city for almost three years if 1 million businesses allowed their employees to work from home for the one day. 

They even went as far as providing “Tips for talking to the boss” – (their call to action), to help raise awareness. Great quotes from the President of Workopolis as well as endorsements from industry experts such as the National CEO of the Canadian Mental Health Association also added to the impact and credibility of the story.  Read more about this campaign in the May 25th issue of Canadian Business, distributed by Canada Newswire, another great channel to effectively get your message across the media.   

Of course, every successful campaign has an element of social media to engage communities, garner support or enlist public opinion.  To date, over 75,000 Canadians have pledged their support for the Workopolis “Unofficial Work From Home Day” campaign on Facebook and conversations are being created on Twitter (@workopolis) using the hashtag #WFHD.

In my opinion, this one hits home and a home run. There are many successful PR campaigns out there like this one to get inspiration and you don’t have to be a big player to gain this kind of buzz.  It just takes careful PR planning and execution to be successful.

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