PR in the high school cafeteria

This is the best description of PR we’ve read in a long time and one we can all relate to…

“Think back to high school. For most of us, high school was full of painful moments of awkwardness, rejection and alienation… like the cafeteria during lunch when you were trying to find a place to sit.

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PR is a lot like navigating that cafeteria minefield… but instead of trying to find a seat at the “cool kids’ lunch table” for ourselves, we’re trying to help a client find a seat where their customers are.

In the business world, it’s the equivalent of representing the mathletes or the theater geeks. In other cases its working with the new kids – companies getting started – but most of the time, we’re helping the shy quiet kid with little or no reputation at all – get some well-deserved recognition and their time in the sun.” – Ed Zitron.

BTW: Ed wrote this book, which is a fabulous read. We highly recommend it for someone starting out in PR.

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