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Getting a professional and personal branding portrait is a big deal. It’s the image you put out the world, so it better represent you well. I read somewhere that including a professional branding shot in email outreach, meeting requests etc… increases engagement success by 32% and when used online – makes you 14 times more likely to be found. Time to get to it! I’ve known I needed a professional shot for my website and social media properties for some time. As creative and approachable as I thought my selfies were, they just weren’t cutting it anymore.

In my business, I’m very aware of the local talent that exists – but I’ve just never found the right photographer to capture what I was looking for, until I met Dwayne of Dwayne Brown Studio. I had been following his work on social media for a while and the whole time, loving his creative approach to projects. I finally reached out to him and booked a shoot. There are two things he did really well, in my opinion, enhancing the whole experience.


Dwayne made me feel at ease almost instantly. Perhaps it was his firm, but warm handshake, or his genuine smile. His body language was very open and inviting. We chatted a bit and discovered we had much in common. A love for photography obviously, but we found we are both connectors and community driven. He did all these things because he wanted to get a feel for what I was all about and understand what shot would best reflect my personality, as any true artist would.

Location… location….

In any business, it all comes down to location. This was chosen well. It was not an intimidating process in the confines of photo studio with big, black umbrellas, ultra bright lights with uncomfortable stools where one strikes exotic bird-like poses. Instead, Dwayne picked a natural location for the shoot. A setting that was both comfortable and familiar. One with a ton of natural light and vivid colour. I felt at home.

The lovely and talented Anita Ruivo, who coordinated the detail of the shoot, was incredibly attentive. I stood as I would naturally, just me being me, and let them do their thing. Honestly, I felt a bit like a rock star. The whole experience was empowering.

In the end, there were several great shots to choose from. Here’s the one we all chose. I think it brought out both my creative and professional side. I’m super happy with it. The only lingering question I’m left with after it was all said & done is… ‘Why did I wait so long to do this?’

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