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I had a recent inquiry from a new organization that is looking to build a profile with the media, but didn’t know where to start.  If you are new to the wonderful world of PR, the best advice I can give is this…
Read, watch and follow!

It is important to read a vast array of newspapers and magazines, to watch the major television outlets, and listen to popular radio news programs in order to keep track of the amount of news coverage about the issues your organization is promoting. 

Follow the source of the news. Find the names of the journalists who cover your specific topic and search for articles by those journalists.  Sit on the sidelines and be an observer. You will get a sense of writing style and tone and a better understanding of what type of news stories warrant media coverage. This is a practice that should be part of our every day.  It will keep you current, aware and primed for when you are ready to start building your media profile.

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