Navigating new world of content curation

The term ‘Content Curation’ is fairly new. In fact, if you look it up in, you’ll come up empty. Your spell check will likely tell you it’s foreign too, but if you’ve ever shared content from blogs, industry publications or online news outlets and shared that content with your customers and prospects through social media, that’s exactly what you’re doing… you’re content curating.

By sharing fresh, relevant content with your audience on a regular basis and adding a comment or your opinion, you’ll position yourself as authority in your industry and see tangible outcomes as a result. It’s important to note that in your content curation activities, you identify the source by simply using hyperlinks to original articles.

Content Curation Tools

The key is finding the time and tools to discover the right content that speaks to your audience. There are several tool that we share in our most recent edition of ePRnews. is one of our favourite content curation tools that takes your social media publishing to the next level. It will help you find relevant content faster, edit it easily and publish it in 1-click to all your preferred social networks in a visual format. Here’s a video that explains how content curation has evolved and how works. We highly recommend you sign up and take it for a test drive.


What content curation tools do you use?  Please share here for everyone’s benefit.
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4 thoughts on “Navigating new world of content curation

  1. is an awesome curation platform. It’s something we use every single day. I also starting to like Spundge as well. And if I could put in a shameless plug for our own curation platform (WordPress base) Curation Traffic.

    One thing I will say though, I’ve yet to find a tool with integrated content discovery that works really good. does a good job but we’ve found creating a series of “listening posts” is much more effective. Maybe in the next 12-24 months a tool will exist but now I find it just finds what everybody else is sharing… and that leads to just being part of the noise.

  2. Great post – I agree that it’s useful to have all the tools listed in one spot and wanted to introduce you to a few more useful resources 🙂 I run a group on LinkedIn called Content Curators, we have over 800 members and I’m sure they would be able to provide some great insights. In addition to the group, I also run a blog called that focuses on industry news about Content Curation, new tools, new topics, new players.

    Lastly, I’d also invite you to check out our solution Curata. It’s more full service solution than some of the other players out there currently. Freel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.

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