my deepest gratitude – from Ottawa

image of ottawa tulipsI am very fortunate to have been taken under the wing of some pretty influential leaders during my career. I had the opportunity listen and learn from these mentors, (whom I admire and respect deeply), as I secretly watched their every move.

During what I call “the learning years”, I was inspired by their business acumen and they taught me some valuable lessons that I carry with me today. One of the greatest lessons I learned, from a PR perspective, was how to set goals and to articulate a vision. I learned how to recognize the need for change, and more importantly – when to make it and how to implement it. This has been particularity helpful in my business and with the advent of PR2.0.

So to you, my career mentors, (and you know who you are), a heartfelt THANK YOU! My clients thank you too! When you weren’t watching me – I was watching you and I was drinking it all in. The journey has been an adventure, (to say the least), and without your influence at a time when I had the most to learn – I would not be where I am today… and for that, my deepest gratitude.

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