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[tweetmeme source=”storylinePR” only_single=false]I participated in a PR Week/PR newswire’s “Media Survey 2010” a few months back.  I had almost completely forgotten all about it until the report landed in my inbox this afternoon that I thought I would share with my readers.

The report covers how journalists are expanding the ways in which they interact with sources and PR professionals.   The skinny – The way news gets sourced and reported is changing.  Canadian journalists are heavily using social media tools into their work with one journalist commenting “…with more pressure to come up with supporting content, like videos and photos, and to contribute to outlets outside traditional media.”

The media landscape is definitely changing, however, the way PR pros and journalists interact has not changed one bit.  Over half of journalists say unsolicited pitches result in a story only “1% to 20%” of the time and 44% say only “0 to 25%” of the pitches they receive are related to what they cover.  On behalf of my industry, “tisk.. tisk…”

I’m afraid the advent of technology will open the floodgates of more incidences of this happening.  As the realm of social media expands in media relations, so must our relationships.  We, as PR professionals, not only need to think smarter about how to adapt to these changes, but we need to get better at helping journalists to do their job more efficiently if we are to co-exist.

The numbers speak for themselves with some interesting results.  Read the summary of the report here. media survey 2010

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