keeping me on my toes

Independence strikes! From the top of Madeline’s little head to the tip of her pointed toes. 

When I took Madeline to her second ballet class this past Saturday, she was thrilled to learn ballet lessons were going to be a part of her weekend routine.  We arrived about five minutes early to an empty studio, with the exception of the pianist who was warming up.  Maddy took her spot on the floor and whispered to me, “it’s ok – you can go now, Mom.”  Only her second class and here she is, fluffing me off for the guy at the piano. I was proud of the little independent person she had suddenly become, where just one week ago, I had to continually assure her of how much fun she was going to have with each unconvinced glance.  I told her that I would wait until other kids and their mommies showed up and then I would go.  With her hands on her hips and the most serious stance, she gave me a disapproving look which followed with her mouthing the words, “I’m ok – Mom!  I have to practice – now, go!” and boldly pointed me to the door. Yikes!  Is this what they mean by an “independent streak”?  

Chuckling to myself, I respectfully walked out of the studio, took a seat in the hall and opened my notebook as I watched other mother and daughter teams arrive with their little ones clutching their sides.  I must tell you, I had mixed emotions.  I was so proud that she felt comfortable enough to go it alone this time, yet admittedly, was a bit saddened. I began to document the whole experience to paper, as I do with most of our little “milestones” and a wonderful thing happened.  The same wonderful thing that happens with each little burst of creative expression from my four year old.  The next story for Storyline for kids unfolded with “My First Ballet Step” – about a little girl who gains her independence and self-confidence. But it doesn’t end there.  For the past few nights, our bedtime ritual concludes with a narrative story – and this time it begins with – “Once upon a time, there was a little ballerina named Madeline…” I’m not sure how this one is going to end, but I do know that with Madeline’s input – it’s sure to be a page turner as she always seems to keep me on my toes.

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3 thoughts on “keeping me on my toes

  1. What a heart-warming story, Deanna. I can just imagine your blond little Maddy in her ballerina outfit pushing you away. What an adorable little girl. It reminds me of the time my eldest sister brought her young one to kinder for the first time, which was an emotional event for her (as a mother) since that was when she realized it was time to “let go” of her precious “baby”. It’s as though the parents take it harder than the kids do (which is understandable). Taking off the training wheels of your kid’s bike and giving them that independence they are asking for is always tough because that’s when you realize, “Gosh, s/he’s growing up!”.

  2. Isn’t it amazing when they start to assert that independence? I can totally sympathize with the opposing emotions: pride vs. sadness. All part of being an engaged mother!

    Can’t wait to read this next Storyline for Kids!

  3. I can totally relate Deanna – what a beautiful little girl! Priceless really!

    When I was getting Jamie ready to get on the bus this year for first day of Grade 2 at a brand new school, I asked him if he wanted me to go and meet him at the school.

    His reply – “I”LL be fine Mom, but if you feel YOU really need to, go ahead.”

    That is when I realized it was all about ME, and not for HIM – he is well on his way to the wonderful world of childhood independence! Have at it!

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