infographics – fad or future?

Infographics seems to be all the rage in social media. Companies are quick to recognize the benefits to communicate ideas and present complex concepts quickly in an easily understandable fashion.  With imbedded links, it is said that using infographics in your social media communications will dramatically increase our readership when intelligent SEO is built in. (We’ll let the stats on this blog post determine that), but it’s hard to deny that infographics are a great way to portray your message and brand.

I like the idea of infographics so much, I thought I would create one for my company. (Why do I feel like Victor Kiam of Remmington when I say that)?! There are some pretty creative ones out there with amazing charts and graphs. This infographic about storylinePR is quite simple. What I like about it though, is it provides a chorological history of how our products and services have evolved in just over a decade, a true indication of how the PR industry has transformed in a very short time frame.  Image of infographic for storylinePR

Have you considered using infographics to communicate messages and stats for your organization? Do you think it is here to stay or a passing fad of social media and SEO?

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