In a crisis… communicate. communicate. communicate!

Now here is a company that knows how to respond to a crisis. Buffer, the app that allows you to share the links, pics and videos  to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn was hacked earlier today. Naturally, they announced the issue on their social media channels and we were alerted by friends and colleges in the PR biz as shares and RT’s as quickly as it happened. We also received the following email signed by the Founder and CEO almost simultaneously.

Image of email from Buffer (Click image to read)

Businesses should take notice. In a crisis, it important to communicate… communicate… communicate! Here is what Buffer did right.
They communicated with their audience;

  • quickly
  • with straight forward facts
  • through all customer touch points
  • explaining their fix with continual updates on Facebook and Twitter

Buffer offers a valuable lesson for all companies caught in unfortunate circumstances: How you respond to crisis has a direct impact on brand and this company obviously knows reputation is paramount. Based on their response, we love Buffer even more today, than we did yesterday. Well done!


Here is the latest message we received by Buffer in our inbox this morning, October 28, just 48 hours after the crisis occurred.

2nd Email from Buffer

(Click image to read)

In addition to communicating the crisis immediately, follow up with customers to provide a status update.   Not only does it show you are committed to their business, it shows you are committed to open and transparent communication – which is key to public relations.

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