How many twitter accounts do you manage?

Image of multiple twitter iconesI used to have two twitter accounts. One for my business dedicated to PR tweets and a personal account where I tweeted daily quips and shared content derived from followers with similar interests.  I learned very quickly that the two  were not mutually exclusive.

I deleted my personal account with thousands of followers and invited  them to follow me @storylinePR.  I wanted my customers and online friends to get to know me on both a professional and personal level. Why? Because building personal relationships for business is a good thing.

My advice? Stop.
If you find yourself a switching between personal and business accounts to tweet, Stop. Stop trying to appeal to different audiences. Stop trying to play Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – I mean really, who has the time?

Ditch your stuffy business persona on Twitter and let your personality shine through with one account. You’ll end up cultivating an engaged  audience you can really connect with and that’s what social media is all about.


About the Author
Deanna White has always been passionate about marketing and public relations. Owner of storylinePR, Deanna is best known for taking it beyond the pitch. For building brands & bottom lines with the right channels to share your story.

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