How are you marketing your brand?

Image of oranges with green appleApples, when compared to oranges, are quite different and we like to think of ourselves in that light.  Every once in a while, we go through a mid-life crisis when it comes to our brand and this time, decided to entertain our whim.

As the media landscape evolves, so do our services in order to keep our clients’ PR programs current and relevant, ensuring maximum results. We bring unique perspectives to the table and felt it was time for a fresh new look to reflect this & put our personality out there.

If you follow this blog, subscribe to our newsletter, visit our site or social media properties on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, there’s no doubt you’ve seen our new branding being slowly introduced with  green apples.

“Why apples” you ask?

We love what we do and more importantly – have fun doing it. We think our new minimalistic theme and apple images evoke fresh, crisp thinking with a little added fun and creativity – everything storylinePR was built on. Of course it’s no coincidence that apple green happens to be the colour of our new logo 🙂 

Image of storylinePR's new logo

We have a unique launch plan for all our clients that includes the delivery of a fruit basket (with, you guessed it), apples and oranges. Each basket is  packaged with a half-dozen oranges and a single green apple in the middle, wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon and a tag displaying our fresh logo, website address & headline ‘We look different because we are’. The back of this tag is intentionally left blank to write a personalized message specific to each client. I carry a supply of these tags and ribbon in my car so that with each new client meeting, I simply stop off at the grocery store to pick up a handful of green apples and tie the tag to the stems. It’s been a hit so far and we like it for a couple of reasons:

  • It makes a great first impression
  • It’s a memorable and an inexpensive leave behind
  • It  reminds our clients how creative we can be and its fun (it’s almost as much for them as it is for us

We have other seasonal promotion plans in store for our clients and new sales leads including, (but not limited to), apple cider, apple sauce, apple wine and for those new prospects who have made it to the bottom of the sales funnel, we have a very special apple-related promotion. We plan to send apple pies with a unique recipe card listing all the ingredients to doing business with us. The front of the card compels recipients to open it with the message… ‘We don’t want your entire communications budget, but we sure would love a piece of the pie.’ 

Our recipe to PR success

On the inside of the card? The recipe to PR success with us:

  • Start with an open mind & solid PR plan
  • Stir in practical hands-on knowledge and a depended understanding of business processes
  • Add equal parts innovative PR strategies and unique marketing tactics
  • Mix in your brand and story
  • Sprinkle with traditional and social media contacts (a blend of editors,  reporters, consumers and online influencers)  
  • Add a dash of metrics for ROI
  • Season with professional support and customized reporting

We actually executed something similar for one of our clients with amazing results. It opened doors that were never open to them in the past and has resulted in real business opportunities and sales.

While we don’t, for a minute, suggest going through a re-brand to come up with creative ways to market your business, it just happened to be the right time for us (not to mention a heck of a lot of work to replicate across our online presence).  But we do recommend brainstorming with your team on ways you can break through the usual marketing clutter and come up with clever ideas to communicate with your clients and prospects in a way that positively impacts your bottom line. Of course, we would be happy to throw a few ideas your way!

So how are you creatively marketing your brand and story? We’d love to hear about them & what you think of our new look.

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