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Public Relations, by definition, includes ongoing activities to ensure your company has a strong public image. Just as media is finding its way with a new online business model, so must business. Social media has re-defined PR and helped shape how companies can leverage their online reputation. It’s all about is creating content that captures media and target audiences while addressing your business goals. There are many elements of PR that can help you do this with the net effect of increasing website traffic, optimizing search engine rankings, and ultimately creating new business. Here are few…

Blogger Relations
Building relationships with influencers online to help promote your company’s news, products and services through blogs authored by others.

Consumer Relations
Writing and publishing articles in print and posting in your company blog.

Media Relations

Developing relationships with journalists and communicating your company’s news to media through traditional and social news releases.

Employee Relations
Consistent communications with internal audiences. (Employees, like satisfied customers, are your walking billboard)

Community Relations

Executing campaigns that elevate the company’s commitment to local communities such as supporting non-profit and charitable organizations.

Social Relations
Developing programs that target the likes of Facebook and Twitter, as well as digital tools and apps for consumer engagement.

Good PR is about ‘people’ and ‘relationships’. That’s because it allows media and target audiences to engage in your conversation, which can only lead to better results. Listening and contributing to the conversation in the blogosphere & social networks is key. I’ve witnessed companies spend as little as 2 hours a week on their PR activities, to as much at 8 hours a week. Your level of consumer and media engagement depends entirely on your level of commitment and the outcome is usually a direct result.

So, how much time do you spend on the various components of PR, and more importantly, how much time do you plan to devote to these activities after reading this post?

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