endless inspiration

My inspiration never ends.  Each day is filled with a new adventure inspired by comments and observations derived from the innocence of my three year old.  Today, for example, I announced what a beautiful day it was outside and that we would go for a walk.  While getting dressed, my Madeline informed me that we both had a very important job to do. She told me, using her most serious tone, “Your job is to take me to the park and my job is to play there.” 


It was a little breezy, but sunny – a perfect park day, so we made our way down the street as Madeline held on to her hat for dear life.   Once we got there, she dashed for the swings and begged me to push her higher and higher.  With each thrilling attempt to touch the sky, she would genuinely laugh with delight.  Another candid notion came from her little imagination that made me smile.  She noticed the leaves on the trees would rustle with each gust of wind which seemed strangely in rhythm with Madeline’s swinging attempts to reach the clouds.  Next, she exclaimed, “Mom, they’re laughing with me!” To which I replied, “Who is laughing with you, honey?” looking around the empty playground.  “The trees! Every time I go high, they laugh with me – push me higher mom so I can laugh together with the trees.”


I honestly believe I have the best job in the world.  Not only to I get to be mom to what I think is the most precious child in the universe, but I get daily motivation from her purity of thought.  My creativity is driven by Madeline’s annotations in our daily routine.  She keeps me young at heart by providing me endless energy for Storyline and inspiration for my latest venture, Storyline for kids.  Needless to say, getting into the thinking of a three year old is not that difficult when you are interacting with a very imaginative one on a daily basis.  Although each story I create is as individual as each child, the initial concept is, in fact, an original.

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