does your release have “news value”?

As I have mentioned on several occasions, building credibility with the media is as important as creating it for your company, and when it comes to public relations one rarely exists without the other. Working with the media should be a planned, well supported and carefully executed effort.

An experienced journalist can easily identify if your release is intended to sell the reader. While the end result may be to increase product awareness and sell your product or service, your release cannot sound like a television or radio commercial.  Distributing a news release that has the look and feel of a “sales pitch” can do more harm than good – and on a permanent basis. Future releases will tend to be ignored – even if it is written in the proper context and is a newsworthy release.

Are you looking at this from a journalist’s perspective?

In today’s world, everyone is inundated with e-mails, faxes and phone calls on a daily basis. Journalists receive hundreds of news releases each day by people who want to generate awareness about their products or services. The business person usually has their company at the front of their mind when considering a news release. On the other hand, journalists will have the interests of their audience at the top of their considerations. If you want to grab the attention of the journalists and get your news release noticed, ask yourself the following questions from a journalist’s perspective:

  1. Is the release newsworthy to the public?
  2. If you were the journalist, would you see a value to your readers?
  3. Will the readers be interested in this topic?
  4. In a stack of news releases, is there something in your release that will catch the attention of the journalist?

You will have invested a lot of time and research into writing your news release. You need to make sure you are sending to the media that would have a genuine interest in your release by only targeting the magazines
and publications that have an audience targeted to your niche market.

A well-written and targeted news release that is picked up by the media will build credibility for individuals and business.  Watch for the next post on writing the DIY news release!

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