dangling the reading carrot

I created a new group on facebook the other day called “the gift that lasts a lifetime.” 

I have had the fortune of having Madeline dive into reading head first, but I am always looking for more fun ways to continually encourage the good habit we have developed together.  I created this group is for parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, and anyone who has children in their lives who value the importance literacy. It is a venue to share their thoughts, reflect on their own parent-child reading experiences and contribute ideas on how to create unique and creative ways to enjoy story time together.  I have posted it to all my friends who have kids, on other “mom” like groups in hopes that I would have more participation from like minded individuals.  I am sad to report that I have not had many join the group.  In fact, I have had only one person join in the last 24 hours. 

In my latest discussion topic, dandling the reading carrot, I decided to dangle a little carrot of my own by starting a contest.  Those who join and post an answer to this topic on to how to make reading fun, will be entered into a draw to win this years’ Storyline for kids seasonal story – “A Dreamy Adventure with Santa” for their child this Christmas – plus a personalized letter from Santa. (A $25 value). 


One of the benefits of the creation of storyline for kids is that it encourages Madeline to read.  Surely, moms will see the value of sharing creative and unique ways to do the same.  Doesn’t anyone value literacy any more?  Has the digital age really replaced good old fashioned reading habits?  Have we forgone the importance of reading and what it can do for young minds? 

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