Challenge your PR in 2012

Image of scocial media speech bubblesIt was interesting to watch how businesses integrated social media into their communications strategy in 2011.  There was an influx of new hires for social media managers whose sole job was to monitor what is being said online and engage audiences.  Although human analysis is certainly an important part of monitoring, it’s just not humanly possible to do it all. Organizations who are serious about reputation management and building brand/consumer loyalty in 2012 are increasingly turning to social tools that plug into business processes to measure online conversations. 

What is the benefit?  With the right tools in place, you’ll understand the landscape, spot trends and find out what is being said about your brand, products and services.  You’ll  be able to identify the people, the issues & trends impacting your business through online conversations.  Not only can you get an in-depth look at volume, demographics, location, tone and emotion of conversations surrounding your brand, but you can even go one step further and aggregate the results with those of your top competitors. Pretty powerful stuff! 

Remember, relationships don’t end just because your PR campaign does. To fully understand the sentiment behind online conversations, social monitoring is a long-term commitment. The key is utilizing those metrics to act on what you learn from editors & reporters, consumers, competitors and online influencers. So, before putting the finishing touches on your your 2012 PR plan, challenge yourself and ask, “How will I cultivate new and existing relationships next year and ensure continued engagement about my brand & story?

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