Case Study: Think long-term PR benefits

Most businesses engage in PR activities focused on one singular event or announcement in hopes that it will create the kind of buzz they were hoping for, only to be disappointed with the results. In practice, PR should be an ongoing initiative with a strategy and specific goals in mind. This case study is a great example of how that can be accomplished.

Long-term PR Case Study
Because their business produces paper to offer an essential service to their customers, T-Base Communications saw an opportunity to make a difference with a year-long PR strategy and well-planned execution.

T-Base partnered with Tree Canada and American Forests to launch their ‘Planting by the Dozen’ program in an effort to reduce their collective carbon footprint and give back to the earth. For every tree they consumed printing materials on behalf of their customers, they planted a dozen more trees across North America.

Image of hand holding tree with twitter birdPR and Direct Mail
The tree program was announced with a news release to media and to corporate customers through a direct mail campaign that included a branded tree sapling for customers to plant at their home or office.

Social Media
In addition, T-Base invited staff to take part in the tree planting fun. Employees took their potted saplings to various locations on both sides of the border and created an “adventures of a sapling” video to encourage more trees to be planted for every share using the hashtag #tbasedoztrees.

Using the power of social media, T-Base later took the trees to Twitter and asked Twitter users for help in planting more trees. By naming the twitter handle of their own company or a company they wished to honour with a tree, T-Base planted a tree for every tweet. Learn more here.

The result?
On behalf of T-Base’s customers and the companies their social media followers supported, T-Base announced on Earth Day 2014 that they had planted thousands upon thousands of trees across North America with the help of their tree partners.

Beyond spreading corporate goodwill, social and environmental responsibility, the T-Base ‘Planting by the Dozen’ program generated media coverage, created awareness amongst their customers and new business opportunities by connecting their products to a fundamental global issue that everyone could buy into and take part in.

The take-a-way.
Instead of thinking about individual PR opportunities that provide short-term gain, think long-term. Developing a campaign with elements that can be integrated into various channels, (for internal and external customers to get involved in), will create long-term PR benefits.


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  1. This is the best kind of campaign – offering real value and providing so many reasons to share the message. Thanks for the case study. Really interesting.

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