bloggers are big money for brands

In a recent article in the Globe and Mail, Mommy bloggers are gaining clout – and retailers are taking notice.  When mommy blogging began, the idea was that young mothers could create a virtual network with each other and exchange ideas. That’s before retailers realized that there was big money to be made using mommy bloggers in their marketing strategy. WalMart got it right a few years back when they launched Walmart Moms – Real mom bloggers who share real experiences, offering advice and conversation on topics from babies to frugal living.

Here is a video of the Canadian version of Walmart Moms as an example of what a well executed social media campaign can do for a brand.

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

Walmart Moms from Tenille Tasker on Vimeo.

Could big brand retailers be missing something?

There is no doubt that mommy bloggers are influential, but what about the daddy bloggers? They are certainly gaining momentum in the blogsphere. Over 200 daddy bloggers gathered at Dad 2.0 Summit, the first ever daddy bloggers convention held earlier this year.  I’d say if the right brand can harness the social media power of these guys for their audience, they would be smart to do so. Here is a list of the top Canadian dad bloggers on Twitter, ranked by Klout score. (courtesy of Cision)

If you know of Canadian daddy bloggers that are not included here, please add them to the list by leaving a comment.

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1 thought on “bloggers are big money for brands

  1. Great timely article for all moms and soon-to-be moms! Walmart was nice to include this as their branding strategy; I think all turned quite out well. For dad bloggers out there, you can enroll in some brand workshops that’ll help boost your blogging career as your brand gets more noticed.

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