Benefits of custom timelines for business

Tweetdeck recently launched custom timelines that makes it easier to collect and share tweets. Similar to lists, custom timelines on Twitter pull content from feeds, but instead of getting a mishmash of content based Twitter users in a list, you can add specific topics to hone content into a custom timeline to share with others.

What’s the Benefit?

We asked ourselves that question too, so we recently started experimenting with twitter timelines. Here is how we put it to practical use.

In the example of Image of @storylinePR custom timeline for TwitterConcierge Home Services ‘12 Days of Christmas‘ sweepstakes, we started adding their tweets to this custom timeline announcing the 12 prizes as they were being announced in real-time.  We were then able to share our twitter timeline with our following. As much as we would love to think our following is hanging to our every tweet, this is a succinct way to communicate the prize line-up in one place.

In the case if another client, we are rewarding followers with re-tweets of our video. By adding each users re-tweets with their twitter handle to our twitter timeline and sharing it, others can see how easy it is to participate and it creates awareness of the program, further promoting the viral-ability of the video.

Custom Timelines for Business

So how can custom timelines be used in ways beyond contests and sweepstakes for your business? We can think of many:

  • If you regularly promote sales and special offers for your business through tweets, move them to a twitter timeline so your customers can see them in one place and in real-time.
  • If you are tweeting about new products you feature, create a twitter timeline and share it with your following.
  • If you have samples of work  you are proud of and have tweeted about it, move those tweets into your timeline to share with others.
  • If you have tweets from customers raving about your product or service. It’s a great way to gather all your testimonial tweets in one place for customers and prospects on Twitter to see.
  • If you run tweet chats, you can move followers to a live Q&A session in your timeline for followers to view content in real-time or after the fact. No more transcripts.
  • If you want to educate your followers on a specific cause or event that you sponsor or are running yourself, Twitter timelines are a great way to raise awareness. Move tweets from others about your cause, hashtag or event to your timeline and share.

How to Create a Custom Timeline

Using custom timelines for your business is limited to your imagination. A neat feature we love is that you can embed your timeline to your website with one line of code. Here is a quick instructional video we found on YouTube that demonstrates quite simply how to create and share your timeline in Tweetdeck on Twitter and your website.

Twitter timelines that are customized are all about sharing specific content – so if you have a re-occurring theme that you want your customers to know about, why not create and share through custom Twitter timelines? If the content in your custom timeline is valuable, others will start to follow along in real-time as you add more tweets. Share your timeline often. Like any other tweet – it can easily get lost in the twitter-verse.

Have you started using the custom timeline for your business yet? We invite you to share your experience and a link to your timeline below.

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