Are you missing customers on the go?

Image of mobile phonesDo you have a mobile friendly site? Are you opening the door for new customers or slamming it in their face?  Here is a personal experience I had recently to illustrate this point.

I was meeting a client for dinner and needed directions to the restaurant on route. Pressed for time, I thought I could find the place myself and figured I could google them on my phone, call, and ask for directions if need be.

When I arrived in the general area, I could not easily spot the place. I picked up my iPhone and googled them. What came up on my screen was this itsy bitsy website, that would have rendered perfectly on my 17″ laptop, but on my mobile? Impossible to read, let alone to navigate.

After squinting, really, really hard, I was able to locate the ‘contact us’ page, but unfortunately, my index finger was much larger  than the tab itself and each attempt to single out the desired page took me to alternate pages. Frustrating to say the least.  To top off my online experience, when I finally got to their contact us page, it wanted me to enter my location to find the nearest franchise. Seriously? All I wanted was their phone number! At this point, I figured it might be too much to expect to find a number that was clickable from my phone.

In the end, I did what most people did before the advent of technology… I asked someone on the street for directions, who kindly pointed me in the right direction. I arrived to my dinner meeting unimpressed,  frazzled and late. Luckily my client was understanding and we got into a lively rant discussion about providing a great online experience for his customers.

Your customers decide to become so before they walk through your door. Their first experience will likely be online and you’ll want their online experience to be a pleasant one. 50% of Canadians own a smart phone. Of those, 50% use their devise to compare pricing, 42% consult consumer reviews before purchasing and 41% buy online. If those stats aren’t enough motivation, perhaps this is… When your site is designed to be mobile friendly, it ranks higher in the search results – which can ultimately can increase your business and brand.

The morale of this story. Make sure that your site is mobile friendly. Content should be repurposed to scale for mobile users, making your site easy to read and navigate from their hand held device. Customers should be able to easily access your products and services, connect with you by phone, email and fill out online forms with ease, simply by the touch of their screen.

It’s customer service PR. It’s good marketing. I will leave you with this question to ask yourself… “Would you intentionally ignore new customers simply because they didn’t have access to your site on the go?”

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