5 ways to issue your news

image of airplane folded newspaper Issuing regular, professionally written news releases will open doors to the media and can have positive outcome on your business. But before putting pen to paper, think about how you want to issue your news. 

News releases are often lumped together as one single PR tool, however, there are different types of news releases with subtle differences in how they convey your message to the media.

1. Trend News Releases
These are usually the most valuable to the news media, and will help you establish a reputation as a source. These releases will be about developing trends in your industry and contain information that would otherwise be difficult for the media to obtain. Trend releases are created in the form of topical issues with excerpts from your company.

2. Feature Story Releases
Although a feature story must be newsworthy, in the broad sense of the word, it is also timeless. It can run in today‘s paper or tomorrow‘s or next week‘s. Feature stories are often called “evergreen” for this reason – it‘s always fresh and will not fade. Unlike a news story, your feature will have a point of view and an “angle”.

3. Riding a News Story
When a topic you have expertise is in the news, why not issue a release immediately following the story that includes a brief comment and the statement that you are available for interviews? Releases issued in this manner build credibility and gives you the opportunity to help shape public opinion about your company as a player in your industry.

4. Social Media Release
This type of release takes advantage of the linking, multimedia and social media capabilities of the web to make releases more reader-friendly and useful, giving your news a narrative, text-focused approach to distribution. 

5. Video News Releases (VNR)
A Video news release (VNR) is the television version of the printed release, translating the printed word into the language of moving pictures. While usually aired in edited form, VNRs provide proven reliable television exposure for your news.

Put some thought into how you want to issue your news. No matter which type of release you choose to distribute your news, do ensure the content is newsworthy, which will only increase the likelihood of the media covering your story.

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